Tue, 21 Mar 2006

A Synthetic Instrument Blaaaahg

I thought that I got all the pundit-baaabel and electric daydreams out of my system when I wrote Synthetic Instruments: Concepts and Applications. Apparently not. Somehow, I still feel the need to continue in this bombastic wool gathering enterprise. So be it. The world now has yet another blog.

My intent here is to post my ideas relative to the concept of Synthetic Instruments, as well as to comment on new developments in the field that I happen to see. It's hard for me to judge my own biases, but I hope my point of view is basically objective. I have no corporate god directing me to re-conceive their market legacy in a new way – as a golden fleece, for instance. Rather, I hope I'm a synthetic instrument and software-defined-widget idealist. If this view doesn't map well with the wolves in sheep's clothing that lurk in the ATE industry, my baaaad.

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